Hervé Fontaine

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The MECP2 gene is responsible for 80-85% of typical cases of Rett syndrome with deleterious mutations affecting exons 3 and 4. Recently, an alternate transcript including exon 1 was discovered with a new protein isoform (MeCP2_e1) much more abundant in brain. We screened exon 1 of MECP2 for mutations and for large rearrangements in a panel of 212 typical(More)
This study examines reports on fatal pedestrian accidents which occurred in France between March 1990 and February 1991. 1289 pedestrians were killed in these accidents. The main characteristics of pedestrians were analyzed: age and sex, movements, change of transport mode and alcohol impairment. In order to describe the relationships between the different(More)
Aicardi syndrome (AIC) is an uncommon neurodevelopmental disorder affecting almost exclusively females. Chief features include infantile spasms, corpus callosal agenesis, and chorioretinal abnormalities. AIC is a sporadic disorder and hypothesized to be caused by heterozygous mutations in an X-linked gene but up to now without any defined candidate region(More)
An evaluation of 14 driving aids specially designed to improve safety is presented. The following question was asked: would the accident have taken place if any of the parties involved had one of these aids at his disposal? To answer, the authors used 350 police reports, referring to results from files of in-depth accident studies. By appropriate(More)
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