Hervé Dréau

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Existing computer-based ordering systems for physicians provide effective drug-centered checks but offer little assistance for optimizing the overall patient-centered treatment strategy. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines have been developed to disseminate state-of-the-art information concerning treatment strategy but these guidelines are poorly(More)
This paper aims to retrieve and evaluate the quality of the Internet sites providing information on cardiovascular risk. We searched web pages related to risk prediction using six search engines. Sites proposing a cardiovascular risk prediction were selected for evaluation. The quality of each site was checked against criteria testing the validity, type and(More)
Assessment of cardiovascular risk is widely proposed as a basis for taking management decisions about patients presenting with hypertension or hypercholesterolemia. Our aim was to critically assess the use of risk equations derived from epidemiological studies for the purpose of identifying high-risk patients. Risk equations were retrieved from the MEDLINE(More)
It is well demonstrated that the antihypertensive treatment is effective, particularly for the primary prevention of stroke. However, benefits of treatment are rather small in certain groups of patients. The explicit assessment of absolute cardiovascular risks and likely treatment benefits in patients with hypertension can usefully guide treatment decisions(More)
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