Hervé Bismut

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Gopher et al [Gopher, A., Vaisman, N., Mandel, H. & Lapidot, A. (1990) Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 87, 5449-5453] recently reported that about 50% of the glucose formed from [U-13C]fructose infused nasogastrically in children contained 13C3 adjacent to 13C4. Assuming a high isotopic dilution of the triosephosphate pool, the authors concluded that about 50% of(More)
The ability for 18-day fetal rat hepatocytes in primary culture to modify extracellular amino acid concentrations was studied between 24 and 48 h of culture. Most of the 19 amino acids tested were found to be taken up by the hepatocytes. However, serine and glutamate appeared in the 24-hour-conditioned medium to be twice as concentrated as in the fresh(More)
The role of serine as a possible intermediate of the alternative pathway from glucose to glycogen was investigated under basal and insulin-stimulated conditions in 18-day cultured foetal-rat hepatocytes because these cells cannot use pyruvate-derived metabolites [Bismut & Plas (1989) Biochem. J. 263, 889-895]. Incubation of cells with [U-14C]glucose for 24(More)
The pathways of glycogen synthesis from glucose were studied using double-isotope procedures in 18-day cultured foetal-rat hepatocytes in which glycogenesis is strongly stimulated by insulin. When the medium containing 4 mM-glucose was supplemented with [2-3H,U-14C]glucose or [3-3H,U-14C]glucose, the ratios of 3H/14C in glycogen relative to that in glucose(More)
BACKGROUND Given the morbidity and mortality of asthma and the recent dramatic increase in its prevalence, pharmacologic prophylaxis of this disease in children at risk would represent a major medical advance. OBJECTIVES The Preventia I Study was designed to evaluate the efficacy and long-term safety of loratadine in reducing the number of respiratory(More)
The coupling of glycolysis to serine and glycine metabolism was studied in fast-growing Zajdela hepatoma cultured cells. During the exponential phase of growth, occurring between 12 and 72 h, cells exhibited a decreased glycogen content together with a high glycolytic activity. Glycogen labelling, evaluated by 1 h-pulse experiments with [U-14C]glucose (5.5(More)
In terms of systemic chemotherapy, the oncologist is often faced with the difficulty to discriminate between several options, at least according to evidence-based medicine. The aim of the present report was to assess to what extent the efficacy-related parameters required for the decision making process are reported in clinical trials. The analysis was(More)
Over the last decades, the development of new drugs has allowed cancer patients to experience several lines of chemotherapy, the objective of which is a long term stabilization of the tumour. The objectives of this work was to delineate a composite index of relative antitumoural efficacy (In-RATE) of a regimen over another, including response rate (RR),(More)
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