Hervé Andrieu

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Many stormwater modeling problems consider watersheds comprised of complex flow networks including surfaces, streets, pipes, and channels. Ideally, hydrologic methods would be used to model the accumulation of runoff on surfaces while hydraulic methods would be used to explicitly model the flow in each street, pipe, and channel. In many practical(More)
Vertically integrated liquid (VIL) water content is a parameter obtained from a radar performing voluminal scanning. This parameter has proven useful in the detection of severe storms and may be a worthwhile indicator for very short-term rainfall forecasting methods. Unfortunately, no information is available on the accuracy of VIL radar measurements. The(More)
The objective of this study is to present a distributed hydrological model especially dedicated to urban catchments, and able to represent hydrological processes usually neglected in urban modelling, such as evapotranspiration, infiltration in roads, or direct infiltration of soil water in sewers. This model, called URBS (as Urban Runoff Branching(More)
The vertical profile of reflectivity (VPR) must be identified to correct estimations of rainfall rates by radar for the nonuniform beam filling associated with the vertical variation of radar reflectivity. A method for identifying VPRs from volumetric radar data is presented that takes into account the radar sampling. Physically based constraints on the(More)
The Bollène 2002 Experiment was designed by DSO/Météo France and LTHE in order to evaluate the benefit of a radar volume-scanning strategy (8 elevation angles in 5 min) for radar quantitative precipitation estimation (QPE) in the Cévennes-Vivarais region. It was justified by the need to mitigate flood and flash-flood hazards in these regions where QPE is(More)
The results of an investigation on historical floods in four watersheds of the Aude region in France are presented herein. Using both, archive documents and field investigations, the discharges of the main historical floods could be estimated for a period ranging from one to two centuries. The use of this data, in addition to systematic discharge(More)
The study of two stretches of street during 38 months has been performed to analyze the hydrological behavior of streets during rain events. The results show that runoff coefficients are very variable and runoff losses may be important. In order to better understand this behavior, a physically based model has been used. This model, BiL, combines a porous(More)
INTRODUCTION The association between lymphomatoid papulosis and malignant Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin lymphoma is well known but still raises the problem of nosology between these two pathologies. Is lymphomatoid papulosis a pseudolymphoma, a prelymphomatous state or a true skin lymphoma? CASE REPORT We observed a patient who had lymphomatoid papulosis and(More)