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A questionnaire study was carried out with three groups of musicians: experienced professional orchestral players (n=65), music students (n=41), and members of an amateur orchestra (n=40). Musical performance anxiety was assessed together with neuroticism, everyday fears, self-statements and behavioural coping strategies. Performance anxiety was lowest in(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility and evidence for the reliability and validity of a set of questionnaires for psychiatrists, given that multisource feedback (MSF) or 360 degrees evaluation allows medical colleagues, coworkers, and patients to provide feedback about competencies to enhance physician improvement in intended directions. METHOD Surveys(More)
BACKGROUND The Acute Care of at-Risk Newborns (ACoRN) program was developed in Canada for trained health care providers for the identification and management of newborns who are at-risk and/or become unwell in the first few hours or days after birth. The ACoRN process follows an 8-step framework that enables the evaluation and management of babies(More)
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