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A new tool for entry and analysis of virulence data for plant pathogens
A new spreadsheet, ‘HaGiS’, exploits the two designation systems of Habgood and Gilmour to provide user-friendly and fast access to some routine steps in the analysis of virulence data for plant pathogen populations.
A new frog species of the genus Cardioglossa from the Tchabal Mbabo Mtns, Cameroon
A new species is described from the Tchabal Mbabo Mtns in the Adamaoua Province of Western Cameroon, considered to be a member of the Cardioglossa pulchra-venustatrifasciata group.
Highly Active Ruthenium Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis: The Synergy of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes and Coordinatively Labile Ligands.
Two N-heterocyclic carbene ligands at once may be one too many, at least if you intend to have highly active ruthenium catalysts for olefin metathesis. Density functional calculations recommend the
Nonaqueous ionic liquids: superior reaction media for the catalytic Heck-vinylation of chloroarenes
The scope of the new reaction medium is outlined for the first time for the vinylation of various aryl halides using different mono- and disubstituted olefins as well as a variety of known palladium(0) and palladium (II) catalyst systems.
Polymer-supported carbene complexes of palladium: well-defined, air-stable, recyclable catalysts for the Heck reaction
N-Heterocyclic dicarbene chelate complexes efficiently catalyze the Heck reaction of activated and non-activated arylbromides, are recyclable under aerobic conditions and exhibit hardly any leaching, which is in line with theoretical investigations on ligand dissociation energies related to Pd0 and PdII centres.
Insect tolerance to a neurotoxic polypeptide: pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic aspects
It is shown that the tolerance of insects to AaIT occurs at both the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic levels, and differences in binding kinetics may reflect a structural and functional diversity of Na+ channels in different insects that is responsible for their diverse susceptibility to neurotoxic polypeptides.