Herrmann Unterluggauer

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Alterations in mitochondrial function are believed to play a major role in aging processes in many species, including fungi and animals, and increased oxidative stress is considered a major consequence of altered mitochondrial function. In support of this theory, a lot of correlative evidence has been collected, suggesting that changes in mitochondrial DNA(More)
A convenient way to study processes of aging in distinct human tissues consists of a molecular analysis of cells from the tissue in question, that were explanted and grown in vitro until they reach senescence. Using human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC), we have established an in vitro senescence model for human endothelial cells. A major hallmark(More)
The accumulation of oxidative damage in mitochondrial proteins, membranes and DNA during ageing is supposed to lead to mitochondrial inactivation, downstream molecular impairments and subsequent decline of biological systems. In a quantitative study investigating the age-related changes of mitochondrial proteins on the level of oxidative posttranslational(More)
In rehabilitation, patients suffering from stenosing processes of cerebral vessels represent a particular target group with particularly difficult diagnostic and therapeutic problems. On the basis of own experiences it was possible to test on 25 persons (age: 37 to 83 years) suffering from carotid and vertebral stenosis the capability of the cerebral(More)
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