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Abnormal loading of the hip in obese children may lead to anatomic alterations and an increased prevalence of slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE). The aims of this study were to examine the hip motion in obese children and adolescents and to estimate the prevalence of SCFE in a subgroup of patients characterized by pathological clinical examination(More)
The treatment with oral contraceptives leads infrequently to serious thrombo-embolic cases of sickness in the eye and in the central nervous system with mostly irreversible results. Here is reported about three such cases in which--after intake of oral contraceptives with low-dose portion of oestrogen--ophthalmic complications have appeared, in which by(More)
BACKGROUND Diseases of the ocular surface very frequently seen are related to irregularities of wetting. Patients often have complaints and feeling of ill-health, although under symptomatic therapy. Tolerability of the tear substitutes plays a key role in these cases. It is improved with unpreserved medication. METHOD 59 patients with 'dry eye condition'(More)
Several cases of ischemic damage to the retina associated with acute pancreatitis have been reported since 1975. The retinal disease is said to be caused by fat embolism of retinal vessels. However, since occlusions of blood vessels do not adequately explain the severe morphological changes and malfunctions of the retina, other etiological influences or a(More)
Normalization of intraocular pressure in primary open-angle glaucoma and narrow-angle glaucoma by single iridencleisis was demonstrated in 551 eyes between six months and seven years postoperatively. Of the eyes followed up in our clinic, 80% were normalized by operation, another 18.8% by operation and additional miotics and 1.2% after a second operation.(More)
Monolateral fixed iridencleisis and goniotrepanation with a scleral flap are reliable long-term pressure-regulating procedures for all forms of primary glaucoma. They involve little risk of complications. Goniotrepanation with a scleral flap is a technically simpler procedure and is preferred because of the good results obtained with it. Iridencleisis seems(More)
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