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The ocular changes due to chronic ischaemia are described in seven patients, aged between 59 and 77 years, with severe carotid artery disease. Doppler sonography was used to confirm the presence of high-grade arterial stenosis or occlusion in all the patients. The treatment of chronic ocular ischaemia is discussed, including the role of carotid bypass(More)
Normal prostate glands from 6 men less than 30 years old and enucleated tissue of benign prostatic hyperplasia were analyzed by stereological methods. Studies on the relative volumetric amount of fibromuscular (stromal) and glandular areas of the gland reveal no statistically significant difference between the inner and outer parts of the normal prostate(More)
Using a special probe holder, cross-sectional area and time-averaged mean spatial velocity of the internal jugular vein were measured by means of a duplex scanner and multiplied to calculate volume flow. In a cohort of 100 subjects ages 21 to 70 years, average right plus left flow was 740 +/- 209 mL/min. Flow was 8.7% lower in females than in males.(More)
Case histories are reported of seven patients in whom the diagnosis of cerebellar (four) or pontine hemorrhage (three) was made by computerized axial tomography (CT). In all of the patients except two the diagnosis, established on the basis of a space-occupying high absorption lesion, was proved by either operation or autopical for an intracerebral(More)
High intensity transcranial Doppler signals (HITS), assumed to be caused by microemboli, have been reported to occur in many patients with mechanical heart valve prostheses. The aim of our study was to quantify these phenomena and to find possible differences. Furthermore, parameters which might influence the prevalence of HITS were investigated. Monitoring(More)
Transcranial Doppler sonography (TCD) is a simple method to detect a right-to-left cardiac shunt, although standardized procedures do not exist. In this study 69 patients were tested according to predetermined criteria and procedures (cluster of > 10 microbubbles, duration between injection in the cubital vein and detection in the middle cerebral artery(More)