Hernande Pereira da Silva

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Thirty-three migraineurs and 23 healthy controls were submitted to pressure algometry before and after light-induced discomfort was elicited by progressive light stimulation in a monoblind fashion. Pressure algometries were performed on the emergence of the supraorbital, infraorbital, mental and greater occipital nerves, and over the temporal muscles,(More)
The critical flicker frequencies (CFF) of individuals with migraine with and without aura were determined and compared to those of normal controls. Twenty-six migraine patients, 12 with aura and 14 without aura and 30 healthy controls were included. Migraineurs were tested during a migraine-free period, through both the continuous flicker method (CFM) and(More)
BACKGROUND In Brazil, schistosomiasis mansoni infection is an endemic disease that mainly affects the country's rural populations who carry out domestic and social activities in rivers and water accumulations that provide shelter for the snails of the disease. The process of rural migration to urban centers and the disorderly occupation of natural(More)
Few works already carried out have examined the relative role of genetic and external factors on the determination of the rhythmicity of the human sleep/wake cycle. In order to make a preliminary approach in this field, we investigated the diversity of patterns of allocation of sleep periods among 29 families living at the Combu Island, a socioculturally(More)
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