Hernan M. Carrion

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The etiology of impotence and a review of various techniques in treatment are discussed. A perineal surgical approach with a new type of paired sponge-filled silicone prostheses is described. The prostheses are inserted into previously dilated corpora cavernosa. Of the initial 31 patients, excellent results were obtained 27, and a good result in 1. Of the 3(More)
A patient with tuberous sclerosis presented with renal failure secondary to bilateral angiomyolipoma. The angiomyolipoma was associated with polycystic disease and a foci of renal cell carcinoma. This unusual combination has not been reported previously, although each entity has been described separately in tuberous sclerosis.
We present 8 cases of retrocaval ureter, one of which concerns a unique periureteral venous ring formed by the persistence of the right posterior cardinal vein along with a normal vena cava. Current radiographic concepts are reviewed and the importance of inferior venacavography in the preoperative evaluation for correction of the retrocaval ureter is(More)
Four of 8 cases that represent unusual and infrequent complications of the transvesicle Politano-Leadbetter ureteral reimplantation technique are reported. Approximately 90 per cent of ureteral reimplantations for vesicoureteral reflux may be done satisfactorily as a transvesical procedure but combining it with an extravesical approach of the ureter when(More)
Thirty per cent of 50 consecutive patients with end stage renal disease were found to have vesicoureteral reflux. This finding is at variance with the usually published etiologies of end stage renal disease. Forty per cent of the patients with reflux had no history to suggest the presence of this entity. The clinical importance of reflux in the(More)
Autonomic hyperreflexia constitutes the only medical emergency seen in spinal cord injury patients. Uncontrolled hypertension and bradycardia can result in seizures and death. The acute treatment of the syndrome has ranged from medical ganglionic blockers to topical anesthetic agents to surgical procedures. The oral use of 10 mg. guanethidine sulfate 3(More)