Hernan A. Del Vecchio

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Plant purple acid phosphatases (PAPs) belong to a relatively large gene family whose individual functions are poorly understood. Three PAP isozymes that are up-regulated in the cell walls of phosphate (Pi)-starved (-Pi) Arabidopsis thaliana suspension cells were purified and identified by MS as AtPAP12 (At2g27190), AtPAP25 (At4g36350) and AtPAP26(More)
Orthophosphate (P(i)) is an essential but limiting macronutrient for plant growth. Extensive soil P reserves exist in the form of organic P (P(o)), which is unavailable for root uptake until hydrolysed by secretory acid phosphatases (APases). The predominant purple APase (PAP) isozymes secreted by roots of P(i)-deficient (-P(i)) Arabidopsis thaliana were(More)
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