Hernán Terenzi

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The molecular mechanisms of plant recognition, colonization, and nutrient exchange between diazotrophic endophytes and plants are scarcely known. Herbaspirillum seropedicae is an endophytic bacterium capable of colonizing intercellular spaces of grasses such as rice and sugar cane. The genome of H. seropedicae strain SmR1 was sequenced and annotated by The(More)
The search for new drugs and treatment approaches is of particular importance for glioblastomas (GBMs), as with other types of malignant gliomas, as they are lethal without the available medical care. Current anticancer cocktails have failed to prolong survival beyond 1 year, in part owing to the natural resistance of GBM cells and to the toxic side effects(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world, and it is estimated that one-third of the world's population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Among a series of tested compounds, we have recently identified five synthetic chalcones which inhibit the activity of M. tuberculosis protein tyrosine phosphatase A(More)
Feijoa (Acca sellowiana, Myrtaceae), a native fruit species from southern Brazil and northern Uruguay, is considered to constitute a reference system for somatic embryogenesis in woody dicots. This in vitro regenerative pathway is an efficient micropropagation method, and a suitable model system for studies in plant developmental physiology. This study(More)
In the search for drugs with anti-trypanosome activity, we had previously synthesized two series of platinum and palladium analogous compounds of the formula [M(II)Cl(2)(HL)], where HL were bioactive 5-nitrofuryl or 5-nitroacroleine thiosemicarbazone derivatives. In this work, we thoroughly characterized [M(II)Cl(2)(HL)] complexes interaction with DNA by(More)
Lactobacillus plantarum is an important lactic acid bacterium, usually found as natural inhabitant of food, such as fermented vegetables and meat products. However, little information about lactic acid bacteria, especially concerning L. plantarum, as a source of useful enzymes has been reported. The aim of this study was to clone, express in Escherichia(More)
We investigated the heat shock response of the adenylate cyclase deficient mutant cr-1 (crisp) of Neurospora crassa. This strain was observed to be much more resistant to a lethal temperature of 50 °C than the wild type. This constitutive thermotolerance was absent in cr-1 conidiospores raised on cyclic AMP (cAMP, 2.5 mM) supplemented solid medium, but was(More)
Protein tyrosine phosphatase B (PtpB) is one of the virulence factors secreted into the host cell by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. PtpB attenuates host immune defenses by interfering with signal transduction pathways in macrophages and, therefore, it is considered a promising target for the development of novel anti-tuberculosis drugs. Here we report the(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) can influence the transcriptional activity of a wide set of Arabidopsis genes. The aim of the present work was to investigate if NO modifies DNA-binding activity of AtMYB2 (a typical R2R3-MYB from Arabidopsis thaliana), by a posttranslational modification of its conserved Cys53 residue. We cloned a fully active minimal DNA-binding domain(More)
BACKGROUND Cytolysins are pore-forming toxins that show anticancer activity by a mechanism hitherto poorly investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS To investigate how cytolysins are cytotoxic to resistant cancer cells, proliferation and cell death were evaluated on U87 glioblastoma cells treated with toxin Bc2 or equinatoxin-II (EqTx-II). RESULTS Toxins Bc2(More)