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Growth of Continental-Scale Metro-Agro-Plexes, Regional Ozone Pollution, and World Food Production
Three regions of the northern mid-latitudes, the continental-scale metro-agro-plexes, presently dominate global industrial and agricultural productivity. Although these regions cover only 23 percentExpand
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Rural roads and poverty alleviation in Morocco
About half of Morocco's 30 million people, and more than 70 percent of the poor, live in rural areas. Through investments in rural roads and other infrastructure and social programs, the governmentExpand
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Branched Threadlike Micelles in an Aqueous Solution of a Trimeric Surfactant
Very long threadlike micelles observed in aqueous solutions of some surfactants have attracted much attention because of the peculiar rheological properties of these systems. Molecular dynamicsExpand
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Cbr, an algal homolog of plant early light-induced proteins, is a putative zeaxanthin binding protein.
The cbr gene, previously cloned from the unicellular green alga Dunaliella bardawil, is transcriptionally and translationally activated in parallel to accelerated carotenogenesis in response to lightExpand
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Regulation and light-harvesting complex II association of a Dunaliella protein homologous to early light-induced proteins in higher plants.
The unicellular green alga Dunaliella bardawil responds to high light, nutrient deprivation, and several other types of stress by massive accumulation of beta-carotene. We have previously cloned aExpand
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Mozambique - Country program evaluation
Since the cessation of conflict, Mozambique has achieved impressive economic growth and has become an example of successful post conflict reconstruction and development, moving from a one-party stateExpand
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Long-term cryoconservation of the halotolerant alga Dunaliella.
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Impacto del genotipo TLR4 en la respuesta humoral contra el virus sincicial respiratorio
Proyecto final Bioingenieria (grado) - Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, 2018