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Hemodynamics plays an important role in the progression and rupture of cerebral aneurysms. The temporal and spatial variations in wall shear stress (WSS) within the aneurysmal sac are hypothesized to be correlated with the growth and rupture of the aneurysm. The current work describes the blood flow dynamics in 34 patient-specific models of saccular(More)
A 120 MeV, 2856 MHz, TW linac, with a microwave gun, alpha magnet, and chopper, has been built at SSRL as a preinjector for and along with a 3 GeV booster synchrotron ring. The resulting injector will be available on demand to fill SPEAR, which is a storage ring now dedicated to synchrotron light production. The linac sections were purchased from China, the(More)
  • M. BoRLmD, P. GOLCEFF, +4 authors B. Youngman
  • 1991
A pulsed, split-parallel plate chopper has been designed, built, and installed as part of the preinjector of the SSRL Injector. Its function is to allow into the linear accelerator three consecutive S-band bunches from the long bunch train provided by a RF gun. A permanent magnet deflector (PMD) at the chopper entrance deflects the beam into an absorber(More)
Dog fecal samples were collected at the crime scene and from the shoes of the suspect to see whether they could be linked. DNA was genotyped using a 145bp fragment containing a 60bp hotspot region of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region. Once the species origin was identified, sequences were aligned with the 23 canine haplotypes defined, showing(More)
SUMMARY We have developed BioSmalltalk, a new environment system for pure object-oriented bioinformatics programming. Adaptive end-user programming systems tend to become more important for discovering biological knowledge, as is demonstrated by the emergence of open-source programming toolkits for bioinformatics in the past years. Our software is intended(More)
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