Herminia Guadalupe Martínez Rodríguez

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When grown photoautotrophically, Chlorella zofingiensis strain CCAP 211/14 accumulates a significant amount of valuable carotenoids, namely astaxanthin and lutein, of increasing demand for use as(More)
The isolation and characterization of the phytoene synthase gene from the green microalga Chlorella zofingiensis (CzPSY), involved in the first step of the carotenoids biosynthetic pathway, have been(More)
Ten strains of filamentous, heterocystous nitrogen-fixing blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) were screened for growth performance and tolerance to temperature, pH, irradiance and salinity, together(More)
The effects of summer and winter stress on the chlorophyll and carotenoid contents and photosystem 2 efficiency were examined in six Mediterranean scrub species. These six species belong to two(More)
Under natural conditions, light exposure for Mediterranean shrubs can be highly variable, especially during cloudy days or under a canopy, and can interfere with other environmental factors such as(More)
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