Hermine L. Bingham

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The three rRNA gene loci of Campylobacter jejuni TGH9011 (ATCC 43431) were cloned. All three rRNA operons were shown to possess a contiguous 16S-23S structure and contain intercistronic tRNA(Ala) and tRNA(Ile). The three RNA operons and additional 14 genetic markers were mapped in the updated genomic map of C. jejuni TGH9011, which now has a total of 24(More)
Milrinone is used during cardiac surgery to facilitate separation from cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and/or to treat myocardial dysfunction in the post-bypass period. We have demonstrated, in patients with preoperative depression of systolic function undergoing aorto-coronary artery bypass surgery, sustained improvement in cardiac function after a single(More)
A Campylobacter jejuni (Cj) TGH9011 (ATCC 43431) gene homologous to the Escherichia coli ferric uptake regulatory gene (fur) has been cloned and characterized. Cj fur encodes a polypeptide consisting of 157 amino acids (aa) (18.1 kDa). The 5'-flanking region of the Cj fur gene contains two putative catabolite activator protein (CAP)-binding sequences and(More)
Genetic studies of Campylobacter jejuni are greatly hampered by the lack of genetic markers and an established classical gene transfer mechanism between strains of this species. To facilitate future genetic studies and to provide a recombinant DNA approach for analyzing genes of C. jejuni, we constructed an extensive genomic library of a pathogenic C.(More)
The complete nucleotide sequence of the Campylobacter jejuni glyA gene was determined and the amino acid (aa) sequence of its product, serine hydroxymethyltransferase (SHMT), was deduced. The deduced polypeptide has 414 aa residues (Mr 45,758). The aa sequences of C. jejuni and Escherichia coli show 55.6% identity. Comparative analysis of the aa sequences(More)
We report the cloning and complete nucleotide sequence of the Campylobacter jejuni lysyl-tRNA synthetase gene (lysS). The C. jejuni lysS gene sequence shows high homology to the two Escherichia coli lysyl-tRNA synthetase genes, lysS and lysU. The Campylobacter lysyl-tRNA synthetase protein (LysRS) shows 47.9 and 46.6% sequence identity to the E. coli(More)
The physical map of Campylobacter jejuni TGH9011 (ATCC 43430) was constructed by mapping the three restriction enzyme sites SacII (CCGCGG), SalI (GTCGAC), and SmaI (CCCGGG) on the genome of C. jejuni by using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and Southern hybridization. A total of 25 restriction enzyme sites were mapped onto the C. jejuni chromosome. The(More)
Despite increasing recognition of the importance of Campylobacter upsaliensis in human disease little is known about either the virulence properties or genetics of this enteric pathogen. The complete coding sequence of a C. upsaliensis gene has yet to be published. We have cloned and sequenced the complete iron-uptake regulatory (fur) gene from the type(More)
Human DNA was used to transform adenosine kinase (AK)-deficient BHK cells followed by selection of AK+ cells in medium containing alanosine, adenosine, and uridine (AAU medium). Twenty AAUr isolates were analyzed, and none of them contained AK activity. Several purine salvage enzymes were, however, found to be affected in these cells. The levels of(More)
Flagella are essential for motility and have been implicated to be one of the pathogenic determinants. The flagellum ofCampylobacter jejuni is a polymeric structure of a 62-kd protein. Using a high-affinity flagellin antibody to screen a lambda gt 11 phage genomic expression library ofC. jejuni strain TGH9011 (Serotype LIO36), a recombinant phage clone(More)
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