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Type II protein C deficiency: identification and molecular modelling of two natural mutants with low anticoagulant and normal amidolytic activity
Two mutations in exons 3 and 9 of the protein C gene were identified by amplification and sequencing from symptomatic probands referred for venous thromboembolism and thrombophilia screening. TheExpand
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Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy in an asymptomatic pregnant patient
1 Department of Cardiology, Hospital Universitario Gineco-Obstétrico Mariana Grajales. Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. 2 Policlínico Docente 50 Aniversario of Manicaragua. Villa Clara, Cuba. 3Expand
Large Segmental Nevus Spilus Associated With Congenital Spondylolysis
Nevus spilus or speckled lentiginous nevus is a mixed nevus and presents as a light-brown macule with macular and/or papular-nodular lesions scattered across it. When lateralized, they can beExpand
Pseudoangiomatosis eruptiva del adulto. Reporte de tres casos, dos en inmunosuprimidos Adult-onset eruptive pseudoangiomatosis. Report of three cases, two in immune-depressed patients
La pseudoangiomatosis eruptiva (PE) es una erupcion cutanea de causa desconocida caracterizada por la aparicion de pequenas papulas similares a angiomas que resuelven espontaneamente. Se postula unaExpand
Hiperhidrosis unilateral idiopática
La hiperhidrosis unilateral idiopatica es una rara afeccion de causa desconocida. Se presenta habitualmente en la cara o en los miembros superiores de individuos jovenes y como su nombre lo indica,Expand