Hermes Giberti

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This paper presents the development steps of a fast manipulator, up to the building of the experimental device, in a context of mechatronic design which implies the integration of several engineering disciplines. High performance of the manipulator has been achieved by means of the suitable integration of the mechanical part and the drive part. For the(More)
Parallel robots exhibit high stiffness, low weight and low dynamic forces, mostly because of the closed loop chains implied by their structure, and allow the positioning of the actuators on the truss. These characteristics outline the possibility of actuating such kind of robotic devices by means of pneumatic actuators. The position control of pneumatic(More)
The main applications where parallel robots are used remain until today very limited. The best known examples include flight simulators, large vibrating tables for seismic tests, pointing systems of antennas and telescopes mirrors. Common to all these robotic devices are: (1) high accuracy, (2) high velocities and accelerations, and (3) high loading(More)
This work describes a method for the simulation of multiple pneumatic actuators in a context of multi body mechanical systems. The model of the single actuator is based on elliptical approximation of non-linear pneumatic devices; friction and sticking phenomena are considered as well. Pneumatic devices introduce forces and new state variables into the(More)
In industrial field, the need to ensure high levels of production enhancing working precision requires the development of ever more efficient robots. The behaviour of a serial or parallel manipulator can be investigated through its kinetostatic performances [1] such as repeatability, stiffness, maximum force or velocity. They all depend on the kinematics(More)
The design of the drive system for an automatic machine and its correct sizing is a very important competence for an electrical or mechatronic engineer. This requires knowledge that crosses the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and mechanics, as well as the skill to choose commercial components based upon their technical documentation. A good(More)