Hermann Wietgrefe

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Alarm handling and especially alarm correlation tools are necessary to manage large telecommunication networks. In this paper we describe our neural network based alarm correlation system, which uses a Cascade Correlation neural network to correlate alarms in a GSM network. The results of our approach called Cascade Correlation Alarm Correlator (CCAC) are(More)
Though cellular phone networks already contain intelligent network elements diagnosing local faults, alarm bursts caused by network element failures cannot be handled properly by this technology. It is the responsibility of the operators to extract the relevant alarms from such a burst and identify the cause. To assist the operators, several alarm(More)
NATO doctrine [1] clearly expresses that the establishment of a peaceful and secure environment requires a comprehensive political-civilian-military approach to crisis management [2]. According to [1], coherence was achieved through the harmonization of strategic processes, planning and objectives across the civil and military actors. This requires the(More)