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A specific density of vitrous membranes provoked by intravitreal injection of a neutral solution of formaldehyde, and the relationships to the concentration (0.4 and 1.2%) and amount (0.01 and 0.02 ml) of the injected solution could be proved by means of quantitative ultrasound-echography. Mit Hilfe der quantitativen Ultraschallechograhie konnte eine(More)
A new substance for provocation of an experimental retinopathy in rabbits could be found. The changes of the pigment layer and the anomalies of the ERG are described in detail. The advantage of the method are the easy application, and a constant reproductivness, within a relatively short time. Eine neue Substanz zur Erzeugung einer experimentellen(More)
The determination of genuine and incorporated urea in the blood, anterior chamber, and vitreous cavity of rabbits makes it possible to prove the response of the involved eye as well as that of the fellow eye to localized diathermy or cryo-coagulations. The course of the reaction depends on the nature of the lesions. The sympathetic irritation of the fellow(More)
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In the present study improved tests for the valuation of metamorphoma are described. By means of test-lines designed in the same or in the opposite direction to the course of a metamorphoma, distortions may be insignificantly reinforced or extinguished. The ametropia by over-correction with convexglasses causes a melioration of the perception of a(More)
The oxygen consumption and anaerobic glycolysis of three topographically different areas of pig's retina were determined. As substrates glucose, lactate and pyruvate were applied. The experimental temperatures were 37 and 25 centigrade. In darkness, a significant difference of metabolism within the three examined areas was found. The oxygen consumption in(More)
In this study the effect of an experimentally provoked retinal detachment on the pattern of the phosphatides and fatty acids of the retina and the optic nerve of adult rabbits was investigated. The analysis was performed one month, and 4 months after the operation, and the values were related to the findings in control animals of the same age, and of the(More)
Conventional methods of displaying three-dimensional information in X-ray diagnostics like tomography or tomosynthesis are not capable of imaging fast moving objects because of the time-sequential recording process. To overcome this difficulty the method of coded aperture imaging using nonredundant point distributions is applied to X-ray imaging. The object(More)