Hermann Suderow

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We present local tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy measurements at low temperatures in single crystalline samples of the magnetic superconductor ErNi2B2C . The electronic local density of states shows a striking departure from s-wave BCS theory with a finite value at the Fermi level, which amounts to half of the normal phase density of states.
We study the behavior of bundles of superconducting vortices when increasing the magnetic field using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy at 100 mK. Pinning centers are given by features on the surface corrugation. We find strong net vortex motion in a bundle towards a well-defined direction. We observe continuous changes of the vortex(More)
A superconductor in a magnetic field acquires a finite electrical resistance caused by vortex motion. A quest to immobilize vortices and recover zero resistance at high fields made intense studies of vortex pinning one of the mainstreams of superconducting research. Yet, the decades of efforts resulted in a realization that even promising nanostructures,(More)
The pressure dependence of the critical temperature T(c) and upper critical field H(c2)(T) has been measured up to 19 GPa in the layered superconducting material 2H-NbSe2. T(c)(P) has a maximum at 10.5 GPa, well above the pressure for the suppression of the charge density wave (CDW) order. Using an effective two-band model to fit H(c2)(T), we obtain the(More)
We report on tunneling spectroscopy experiments in small grains of the new binary intermetallic superconductor MgB(2). Experiments have been performed at 2.5 K using a low temperature scanning tunneling microscope. Good fit to the BCS model is obtained, with a gap value of 2 meV. In the framework of this model, this value should correspond to a surface(More)
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy measurements in the superconducting dichalcogenide 2H-NbS2 show a peculiar superconducting density of states with two well-defined features at 0.97 and 0.53 meV, located, respectively, above and below the value for the superconducting gap expected from the single band s-wave BCS model (Delta=1.76k_(B)T_(c)=0.9(More)
We present local tunneling spectroscopy experiments in the superconducting and ferromagnetic phases of the reentrant superconductor ErRh4B4. The tunneling conductance curves jump from showing normal to superconducting features within a few mK close to the ferromagnetic transition temperature, with a clear hysteretic behavior. Within the ferromagnetic phase,(More)
We describe a scanning tunneling microscope for operation in a dilution refrigerator with a sample stage which can be moved macroscopically in a range up to a cm and with an accuracy down to the tens of nm. The position of the tip over the sample as set at room temperature does not change more than a few micrometers when cooling down. This feature is(More)
We describe a method to make scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy imaging at very low temperatures while driving a constant electric current up to some tens of mA through the sample. It gives a new local probe, which we term current driven scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy. We show spectroscopic and topographic measurements under the(More)
B. L. Willems,1,2,* V. H. Dao-,3 J. Vanacken,1 L. F. Chibotaru,3 V. V. Moshchalkov,1 I. Guillamón,4 H. Suderow,4 S. Vieira,4 S. D. Janssens,5 O. A. Williams,5,6 K. Haenen,5,6 and P. Wagner5,6 1Institute for Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry (INPAC), Nanoscale Superconductivity and Magnetism & Pulsed Fields Group, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,(More)