Hermann Staats

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OBJECTIVE While depression has been found to predict mortality in acute myocardial infarction, results from many other groups of medical patients are inconclusive. It is, therefore, unclear whether depression also predicts mortality in the typical mixed patient populations treated on medical hospital wards and whether an increased risk can be identified by(More)
Results of a naturalistic study of the effectiveness of psychoanalytic therapy are reported. Outcome data are presented for a sample of N = 36 patients who were treated with psychoanalytic therapy. For a sample of n = 23 of these patients, data for 1-year follow-up are available at present. According to the results, psychoanalytic therapy yielded(More)
BACKGROUND We explored the relationship between the consistency of relationship patterns and the severity of psychopathology. METHOD Relationship patterns were assessed by means of Relationship Anecdote Paradigm interviews rated according to the Core Conflictual Relationship Theme (CCRT) method. The repetition of the same type of CCRT components across(More)
OBJECTIVES In the present paper, data from four German studies on the efficacy of outpatient psychoanalytic long-term psychotherapy were examined for symptom reduction (SCL-90-R) and reduction of interpersonal problems (IIP-D). Specifically, the research question addressed the efficacy of long-term therapy in specific diagnostic groups and was was compared(More)
It was the aim of the study to investigate different factors of group experience in relation to therapy effects and to prove the predictive validity of the Group Experience Questionnaire (GEQ); for this purpose for each scale of the GEQ the values of later "Responders" and "Non Responders" were compared. The sample consisted of 50 patients with(More)
Research has demonstrated that men and women differ considerably on a wide variety of variables. However, the effect of gender on the psychotherapy experience is little understood. This article provides a brief review of the current research literature on gender effects in psychotherapy and reports findings of gender differences in outcome for two different(More)
This study, carried out at three different university centers contributes to validating the valence dimension of the CCRT-method. Working on the state of the CCRT-research on affective evaluation of relationship narratives, the connection between the valence dimension of the responses from others (RO), responses of the self (RS) and the severity of the(More)
Narratives of men and women concerning their interactions with other people were evaluated before and during analytically oriented group psychotherapy using the Core-Conflictual-Relationship-Theme (CCRT) method (Luborsky & Crits-Cristoph, 1990). Relationship patterns of men and women developed differently during therapy. Some gender stereotypes persisted,(More)
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