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—Intervehicle communication (IVC) is an emerging topic in research and application that is getting increasing attention from all major car manufacturers. In this paper, a novel method for scalable information dissemination in highly mobile ad hoc networks is proposed: segment-oriented data abstraction and dissemination (SODAD). With SODAD, information can(More)
— The orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) transmission technique can efficiently deal with the effects of multi-path propagation in the broadband radio channel. It also has a high system inherent flexibility for designing a multiple access scheme by combining the conventional TDMA, FDMA and CDMA approaches with the OFDM modulation scheme. The(More)
— The concept of concatenated codes and turbo decoding is well known and leads to a remarkable good performance in many applications. The resulting signal processing for this concept shows high complexity relative to conventional viterbi decoding. Therefore, this paper considers an alternative concept of turbo decoding to reduce the computational(More)
— Modern wireless communication standards like HiperLAN/2 or IEEE802.11a provide a high degree of flexibility on the physical layer (PHY) allowing the Data Link Control (DLC) layer to choose transmission parameters with respect to the currently observed link quality. This possibility of so-called Link Adaptation (LA) is also a key element for meeting(More)