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— Traffic and Travel Information (TTI) systems in use today are based on a centralized structure. Sensors along the roadside monitor traffic density and transmit the results to a central unit where a situation analysis of the global traffic scenario is performed. The resulting traffic information is made available to the drivers via broadcast service or(More)
Intervehicle communication (IVC) is an emerging topic in research and application that is getting increasing attention from all major car manufacturers. In this paper, a novel method for scalable information dissemination in highly mobile ad hoc networks is proposed: segment-oriented data abstraction and dissemination (SODAD). With SODAD, information can be(More)
— The orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) transmission technique can efficiently deal with the effects of multi-path propagation in the broadband radio channel. It also has a high system inherent flexibility for designing a multiple access scheme by combining the conventional TDMA, FDMA and CDMA approaches with the OFDM modulation scheme. The(More)
—The FleetNet project aims at the development of a wireless ad hoc network for Inter-Vehicle Communications (IVC). As a basis for the air-interface, the framework of the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Time Division Duplex (UTRA TDD) has been selected as the most promising candidate. Since UTRA TDD was developed for operation in a cellular network structure,(More)
— Car-to-Car Communication (C2CC) is an important research and future application topic which is getting increasing attention from all major car manufacturers. Direct communication between individual vehicles can significantly increase passenger safety and comfort. An example is the exchange of traffic information , as in the novel Self-Organizing Traffic(More)