Hermann Mueller-Vahl

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Brachial plexus injury is a typical complication after median sternotomy. A prospective study was performed on 1000 consecutive patients to determine whether preventive actions, including lower position and least possible opening of the sternal retractor, help to reduce the complication rate. Twenty-seven patients were observed with postoperative brachial(More)
The frequency of various iatrogenic nerve injuries is reported based on an evaluation of representative material from medical liability proceedings. During operations, nerve injuries occurred most frequently in the neck (lymph node biopsy, thyroidectomy) and the extremities (operations on the hand, total hip arthroplasty). Paralysis of the sciatic nerve(More)
A rapid new ultrafiltration technique (EMIT FreeLevel System I) for the routine measurement of unbound phenytoin concentrations was evaluated. The precision of this procedure was sufficient (between-days coefficient of variation, 11.7%). The results obtained by the ultrafiltration technique for the percentage of free phenytoin in samples from about 40(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) as a systemic disease can attack many other organs in addition to the joints. A variety of pathological lesions of the blood vessels are responsible for the extra-articular features (EAF). In the present study, we investigated firstly whether the presence of blood vessel changes in one organ—namely the skin—may indicate blood(More)
A family suffering from a rare malignant type of migraine is described. The syndrome is characterized by episodes of coma with meningitic signs and fever and pareses as well as persistent cerebellar signs. Coma attacks last up to several days and can be precipitated by minor head trauma, vigorous work and angiography. From a study of this family and the(More)
Ten drugs or vaccines commonly given to patients by intramuscular injection were injected into the femoral artery of normal young anaesthetized pigs, in order to establish an animal model for macroscopically identifiable aseptic tissue necrosis (Nicolau syndrome). Despite the wide range of constituents and chemical groupings in the drugs which had caused(More)