Hermann Liebermeister

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Since the publication of the Build Study 1979 further analyses have refined our concepts concerning the prognosis of obesity. We have recognized that intraabdominal fat depots especially favor the development of complications and shorten life. Smoking diminishes body weight slightly, but leads to a detrimental replenishment of this intra-abdominal fat(More)
NEELY, J. R., H. LIEBERMEISTER, AND H. E. MORGAN. Effect of pressure development on membrare transport of glucose in isolated rat heart. Am. J. Physiol. 212(4): 815-822. 1g67.-Glucose uptake by the perfused rat heart was measured over a range of left ventricular pressure development. Extracellular transfer of glucose, the first step in the uptake process,(More)
Lipolysis (release of glycerol and free fatty acids) of subcutaneous human adipose tissuein vitro has been investigated in relation to relative body weight and fat cell size. Studying 86 persons, there was a highly significant logarithmic relation between relative body weight, fat cell size and lipid content of subcutaneous adipose tissue obtained from the(More)
The following parameters have been determined or calculated in isolated adipocytes from subcutaneous human adipose tissue from normal weight and obese subjects, obtained during surgical interventions or from volunteers who received local anaesthesia. Mean cell diameter, mean cellular lipid content, mean fat cell volume, and volume of lipid-free space. In(More)
4 years after controlled clinical treatment with a 1000 calorie mixed diet, 24 patients were reinvestigated to assess (1) whether the improved metabolism, as observed during therapy, is merely the result of starvation and (2) to what extent this improvement continues beyond the time of dietary treatment. — The following tests were carried out: Oral G.T.T.(More)
The medical art is difficult, its results can not always be predicted. After looking at TV, patients know more or think they know more about medicine. They tend to assume faulty diagnostics or treatment by their physician, if the good result promised by the news-media or by the doctor himself has not been obtained. The resulting litigation in court is(More)