Hermann L Müller

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A central ability of the motor system is to achieve goals with great reliability, although never with zero variability. It is argued that variability is reduced with practice by 3 separate means: reduction of stochastic noise (N), exploitation of task tolerance (T), and covariation (C) between central variables. A method is presented that decomposes(More)
BACKGROUND Craniopharyngiomas are tumorous embryogenic malformations. As the survival rate after craniopharyngioma is high (92 %), prognosis and quality of life (QoL) in survivors mainly depend on adverse late effects such as obesity. PATIENTS AND METHODS We analyzed 214 children and adolescents with craniopharyngioma. The records of 185 patients (86 %)(More)
We analyzed whether childhood craniopharyngioma predisposes to obesity and growth impairment. Height/length, body mass index (BMI), and hypothalamic involvement were evaluated in 90 patients at standardized ages and time points before, after, and at the time of diagnosis. Relevant decreases in height sd score (SDS) started at 10-12 months of age and(More)
 A randomization method is developed for the calculation of covariation between multiple variables that are linked nonlinearly to a dependent variable. Covariation is a phenomenon often invoked in the study of movement coordination to capture the fact that in coordinated movement the outcome shows greater than expected consistency from the variability in(More)
Infectious bursal disease (IBD) virus (IBDV) is the etiological agent of "Gumboro disease". Although first observed about 40 years ago, this disease continues to pose an important threat to the commercial poultry industry. The emergence of antigenic variant as well as very virulent strains in vaccinated flocks considerably stimulated research efforts on(More)
This study investigates the control involved in a task where subjects rhythmically bounce a ball with a hand-held racket as regularly as possible to a prescribed amplitude. Stability analyses of a kinematic model of the ball-racket system revealed that dynamically stable solutions exist if the racket hits the ball in its decelerating upward movement phase.(More)
Estrogen receptor-negative Hs578T human breast cancer cells secrete insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP)-3 and IGFBP-4 as major binding protein (BP) species. Our previous immunohistochemical studies (Oh, Y., Müller, H. L., Pham, H., Lamson, G., and Rosenfeld, R. G. (1992) Endocrinology 131, 3123-3125) have demonstrated the existence of cell(More)
BACKGROUND Hypothalamic obesity has major impact on prognosis and quality of life (QoL) in childhood craniopharyngioma. PATIENTS AND METHODS For this study, 120 patients were prospectively recruited during 2001 and 2007 and evaluated after 3 years of follow-up (KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2000). Body mass index (BMI) and QoL at diagnosis and 36 months after(More)
Techniques for the single-step amplification of whole genomes have been developed into powerful tools for phylogenetic analyses, epidemiological studies and studies on genome organization. Recently, the bacteriophage phi29 DNA polymerase has been used for the efficient amplification of circular DNA viral genomes without the need of specific primers by a(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the impact of hypothalamic involvement of craniopharyngioma on functional capacity (FC) and obesity in 212 patients with childhood craniopharyngioma. FC could be evaluated using an ability scale (Fertigkeitenskala Münster-Heidelberg [FMH]) in 174 patients with childhood craniopharyngioma. Obesity was quantified in 212(More)