Hermann Jacobs

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Cord blood banks are being developed in the United States and Europe. In The Netherlands, the EuroCord Nederland Foundation (ECN) has been established to coordinate the development of a national cord blood bank for unrelated transplants. The aim of ECN is to collect at least 5000 transplants for patients who lack an HLA-identical related or unrelated bone(More)
The impressive progress in microelectronics technology over the last two decades has delivered an enormous increase in computational power and storage capacity at ever decreasing cost per function. The general consensus in industry and academia is that this exponential growth in complexity will continue for at least 15 more years. Further progress will(More)
President Clinton and Congress will soon decide on HIV/AIDS funding for fiscal year 2000. Although many increases were recommended for HIV AIDS programs, some programs would receive minimal increases or flat funding. These levels are not sufficient to meet current needs or provide for prevention programs. A chart displays Federal programs and their funding(More)
At a Glance: This article describes a prototype of a discrete event simulator-Y4 (Yield Forecaster)-capable of simulating defect related yield loss as a function of time, for a multi-product IC manufacturing line. The methodology of estimating yield and cost is based on mimicking the operation and characteristics of a manufacturing line in the time domain.(More)
the years, ED&TC has consolidated to become the premier event in Europe for CAD, design and test of ASICs and systems. Currently it is also attracting high interest from the US and the Far East. To cope with European industrial interests and technology trends ED&TC deals with the design and test of electronic products, ranging from integrated circuits(More)
1. Wir haben aus den in der Literatur verzeichneten normalen Milzgewichten und aus eigenem Material das normale Milzgewicht der Kinder bestimmt und gefunden, daß das Milzgewicht gleichmäßig ansteigt und das Verhältnis von Milz zu Körpergewicht sich wie 1∶273 bis 1∶512 im Kindesalter verhält. 2. An mehr als 500 Milzen haben wir die Häufigkeit der(More)
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