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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, inflammatory joint disease of unknown etiology and pronounced interpatient heterogeneity. To characterize RA at the molecular level and to uncover pathomechanisms, we performed genome-wide gene expression analysis. We identified a set of 1,054 genes significantly deregulated in pair-wise comparisons between RA and(More)
In this paper, we present an interactive mannequin for persuading bypassing customers to extend the perceived time they stay in front of a shop window. The mannequin was designed and prototyped to be seamlessly integrated into a real shop window, constituting an ambient persuasion interface. The design concept of our virtual mannequin is based on actual(More)
Handheld touch screen based devices, such as smartphones or tablets, typically provide limited haptic feedback. On cur- rent devices, what is visually perceived and what is tactile and kinesthetically felt is semantically uncoupled. In order to improve embodied interaction on handheld screen based devices, new ways to provide richer haptic feedback are re-(More)
In this paper ongoing developments regarding the conceptual setup and subsequent implementation logic of a seamless spatio-temporal population dynamics model are presented. The DynaPop model aims at serving as basic input for social impact evaluation in crisis management. In addition to providing the starting point for assessing population exposure(More)
Ethical issues arising from the use of patients in medical research have stimulated pharmacokinetic research in population kinetics, which requires only a few concentration samples of each individual. Using historical maprotiline data, the new approach of population kinetics was investigated and compared to individually estimated kinetics. Two different(More)