Hermann Helbig

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The proper interpretation of prepositions is an important issue for automatic natural language understanding. We present an approach towards PP interpretation as part of a natural language understanding system which has been successfully employed in various NLP tasks for information retrieval and question answering. Our approach is based on the so-called(More)
Multilayered Extended Semantic Networks (abbreviated: MultiNet) are one of the few knowledge representation paradigms along the line of Semantic Networks (abbreviated: SN) with a comprehensive, systematic, and publicly available documentation. In contrast to logically oriented meaning representation systems with their extensional interpretation, MultiNet is(More)
Checking for readability or simplicity of texts is important for many institutional and individual users. Formulas for approximately measuring text readability have a long tradition. Usually, they exploit surfaceoriented indicators like sentence length, word length, word frequency, etc. However, in many cases, this information is not adequate to(More)
In the so-called information society with its strong tendency towards individualization, it becomes more and more important to have all sorts of textual information available in a simple and easy to understand language. We present an approach that allows to automatically rate the readability of German texts and also provides suggestions how to make a given(More)
A system for the content-based querying of large databases containing documents of different classes (texts, images, image sequences, audio signals) is introduced.1 Queries are formulated in natural language and are evaluated for their semantic contents. For the document evaluation, a knowledge model consisting of a set of domain specific concept(More)
The paper describes two methods for realizing a user-friendly access to distributed information resources. The first method (Method I) based on a ibrm-driven dialogue, which is used in the project named "MEDOC". It aims at an experienced user who is familiar with attribute value structures of the data base schemes of typical information retrieval systems(More)