Hermann Grassmann

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We report the results of a search for a W' boson produced in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.8 TeV using a 107 pb-1 data sample recorded by the Collider Detector at Fermilab. We consider the decay channel W'-->&munumu and search for anomalous production of high transverse mass munumu lepton pairs. We observe no excess of events above(More)
We have studied the production of B hadrons in 1.8-TeV pp[over ¯] collisions. We present measurements of the fragmentation fractions, f_{u}, f_{d}, f_{s}, and f_{baryon}, of produced b quarks that yield B^{+}, B^{0}, B_{s}^{0}, and Λ[over ¯]_{b}^{0} hadrons. Reconstruction of five electron-charm final states yields f_{s}/( f_{u}+f_{d})=0.213±0.068 and(More)
We have searched for direct pair production of scalar top and scalar bottom quarks in 88 pb-1 of pp collisions at sqrt[s]=1.8 TeV with the CDF detector. We looked for events with a pair of heavy flavor jets and missing energy, consistent with scalar top (bottom) quark decays to a charm (bottom) quark and a neutralino. The numbers of events that pass our(More)
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