Hermann Detz

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There is an increasing interest in using graphene (1, 2) for optoelectronic applications. (3-19) However, because graphene is an inherently weak optical absorber (only ≈2.3% absorption), novel concepts need to be developed to increase the absorption and take full advantage of its unique optical properties. We demonstrate that by monolithically integrating(More)
We characterize the performance of a quantum well infrared photodetector (QWIP), which is fabricated as a photonic crystal slab (PCS) resonator. The strongest resonance of the PCS is designed to coincide with the absorption peak frequency at 7.6 µm of the QWIP. To accurately characterize the detector performance, it is illuminated by using single mode(More)
The increasing demand of rapid sensing and diagnosis in remote areas requires the development of compact and cost-effective mid-infrared sensing devices. So far, all miniaturization concepts have been demonstrated with discrete optical components. Here we present a monolithically integrated sensor based on mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy. A(More)
We present a bi-functional surface emitting and surface detecting mid-infrared device applicable for gas-sensing. A distributed feedback ring quantum cascade laser is monolithically integrated with a detector structured from a bi-functional material for same frequency lasing and detection. The emitted single mode radiation is collimated, back reflected by a(More)
We demonstrate the monolithic integration of a mid-infrared laser and detector utilizing a bi-functional quantum cascade active region. When biased, this active region provides optical gain, while it can be used as a detector at zero bias. With our novel approach we can measure the light intensity of the laser on the same chip without the need of external(More)
Articles you may be interested in High power, widely tunable, mode-hop free, continuous wave external cavity quantum cascade laser for multi-species trace gas detection Appl. Design for high-power, single-lobe, grating-surface-emitting quantum cascade lasers enabled by plasmon-enhanced absorption of antisymmetric modes Appl. High-performance uncooled(More)
Articles you may be interested in Electrical design of InAs-Sb/GaSb superlattices for optical detectors using full bandstructure sp3s* tight-binding method and Bloch boundary conditions Two-photon-absorption-induced nonlinear photoresponse in Ga As ∕ Al Ga As quantum-well infrared photodetectors Appl. Theoretical modeling and experimental characterization(More)