Hermann Astleitner

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This literature review examines the published fi ndings from research studies dealing with web-based learning (WBL) and measured gender effects. Particularly, the review presents a theoretical model of WBL which distinguishes between human, technology, and course characteristics as basis for instructional events. Instructional events (e.g., assessing(More)
There are theoretical models concerning Multimedia and cognitive and motivational processes. However, such models are missing for emotional processes. In order to develop such a model, studies from literary text research were analyzed. Literary text research was chosen as a starting point because Multimedia environments often contain texts (or stories) with(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a motivationally designed instructional text on motivation and learning. The foundation for motivational design was provided by the combination of a model of motivation in self-regulated learning and the ARCS-approach. The model of motivation is based on concepts like expectancies, incentives, and(More)
This paper describes the development, the implementation, and the empirical evaluation of a computer-based adaptive spelling tutoring system (ASTS). The system is an essential part of an intended online language learning course. First in the paper, the structures and the mechanisms of the tutoring system are depicted. Second, statistical data concerning an(More)
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