Hermann Appel

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Head injury is the most frequent injury resulting from traffic accidents. Head injury mechanisms are difficult to study experimentally due to the variety of impact conditions involved, as well as ethical issues, such as the use of human cadavers and animals. Finite element modeling is a comprehensive technique through which human head impact tolerance can(More)
Recent studies on iron-loaded transferrins have revealed a conformational change upon binding iron due to a domain closure. It has been suggested that the domain closure may be the key for the receptor recognition of the metal loaded transferrin (Grossmann et al., 1992). Small angle X-ray scattering has been used to provide direct structural information on(More)
The binding of hafnium to rat serum transferrin was studied using the time differential perturbed angular correlation (TDPAC) technique. Hafnium is interesting as a toxic metal binding to transferrin because it behaves metabolically similarly to plutonium. The isotope 181Hf offers favorable access to the TDPAC-method. Samples were prepared in vivo by(More)
The perturbed angular correlation (PAC) technique has been applied to study the electric quadrupole interaction of 181Hf nuclei at the binding sites of ovotransferrin (OTF) molecules. Two specific electric field gradients were observed. Their relative intensities depend on the pH value and the temperature of the samples, whereas the electric quadrupole(More)
A means of assessing the passive safety of automobiles is a desirable instrument for legislative bodies, the automobile industry , and the consumer. As opposed to the dominating motor vehicle assessment criteria, such as engine power, spaciousness, aerodynamics and consumption, there are no clear and generally accepted criteria for assessing the passive(More)
Klebsiella pneumoniae, Azotobacter vinelandii and Rhodobacter capsulatus were cultivated in media containing 99MoO4(2-) . The distribution of 99Mo in cells grown under conditions of repression and derepression of nitrogenase synthesis, was investigated by anion-exchange (DEAE-Sephacel) chromatography. Cells of K. pneumoniae took up MoO4(2-) only under(More)
Using the perturbed angular correlations (PAC) technique, the formation of hafnium-ovotransferrin complexes has been studied. Two binding configurations at each of the two specific binding-sites of the protein have been observed. They are characterized by well-defined electric quadrupole frequencies. Information about the dynamics of the protein was derived(More)
The Moessbauer method was applied to obtain information on a suggested hydrogen bond in tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), between the hydroxyl group of Tyr 139 and a carboxyl oxygen of Glu 22 in a neighbouring subunit. Spectra of 129I were taken of 3,5-di-iodo-l-tyrosine as a free amino acid and in situ in TMV. The increase of the pK value of(More)