Herman Ramon

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For site-specific application of herbicides, automatic detection and evaluation of weeds is desirable. Since reflectance of crop, weeds and soil differs in the visual and near infrared wavelengths, there is potential for using reflection measurements at different wavelengths to distinguish between them. Reflectance spectra of crop and weed canopies were(More)
Optical measurement of fruit quality is challenging due to the presence of a skin around the fruit flesh and the multiple scattering by the structured tissues. To gain insight in the light-tissue interaction, the optical properties of apple skin and flesh tissue are estimated in the 350-2200 nm range for three cultivars. For this purpose, single integrating(More)
The aims of the present study were (1) to investigate the differences in median frequency characteristics between back and hip muscles of healthy subjects during a Biering-Sørensen test, (2) to determine if the Biering-Sørensen test is a valid test for measuring back muscle fatigue, and (3) to standardise the Biering-Sørensen test by using objective(More)
To maximize economic return from agricultural production units, costs have to be minimized and benefits maximized. For grain, kernel yield and quality have to be maximized while the use of seeds, fertilizer, herbicides and fungicides have to be optimized. The best location to evaluate productivity levels, by measuring yield and quality of grain and straw,(More)
Multidisciplinary effort is usually required in the evaluation of comfort problems in the working environment of mobile agricultural machinery workers. Comfort can be partly assessed from the study of the pressure distribution of the human-seat interface. Four combine foam seats and a new air-based seat were compared with regards to static buttocks and back(More)
An experiment was carried out to investigate the myoelectrical manifestations of fatigue of the Biceps Brachii and Brachioradialis muscles in low-level (15% MVC) prolonged isometric and dynamic contractions. The range of the joint angle was 70-110 degrees and the mean speed of flexion and extension was about 33.33 degrees /s (1.2 s for 40 degrees ). The use(More)
We present a micro-macro method for the simulation of large elastic deformations of plant tissue. At the microscopic level, we use a mass-spring model to describe the geometrical structure and basic properties of individual plant cells. The macroscopic domain is discretized using standard finite elements, in which the macroscopic material properties (the(More)
A class of multivariate calibration methods called augmented classical least squares (ACLS) has been proposed which combines an explicit linear additive model with the predictive power of inverse models, such as principal component regression (PCR) and partial least squares (PLS). Because of its use of the explicit linear additive model, ACLS provides an(More)
Wavelets are a powerful tool for biomedical signal processing. Wavelets are used for the processing of signals that are non-stationary and time varying. The EMG signal contains transient signals related to muscle activity. EMG signals have typically many transient components, which are very interesting to isolate and classify according to their(More)