Herman P Houin

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In the past decade, changing attitudes toward breast reconstruction among both patients and providers have led a growing number of women to seek breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Although investigators have documented the psychological, social, emotional, and functional benefits of breast reconstruction, little research has evaluated the effects of(More)
Villous adenoma of the duodenum (VAD) is a rare tumor occurring predominantly in middle-aged adults and most commonly found in the second portion of the duodenum. The authors describe five cases of VAD and discuss histologic criteria for diagnosis of malignant transformation. Diagnostically, more than 90 per cent of all lesions are identified by upper(More)
OBJECTIVE Reconstruction of large solitary cranial defects after multiple craniotomies is challenging because scalp contraction generally requires more than simple subcutaneous undermining to ensure effective and cosmetically appealing closure. In plastic and reconstructive surgery, soft tissue expansion is considered the gold standard for reconstructing(More)
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