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An essential property which is desirable in a query language designed for a certain data model is that queries issued in that language must produce results that are structured and modeled using the same data msdel. A consequence of maintaining this property in a query language is that the result of a query can be used as an operand in sc+ne other query (or(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a replicable, Internet-based negotiation server for conducting bargaining-type negotiations between enterprises involved in e-commerce and e-business. Enterprises can be buyers and sellers of products/services or participants of a complex supply chain engaged in purchasing, planning, and scheduling.(More)
Commercial SRAM-based, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have the potential to provide space applications with the necessary performance to meet next-generation mission requirements. However, mitigating an FPGA’s susceptibility to single-event upset (SEU) radiation is challenging. Triple-modular redundancy (TMR) techniques are traditionally used(More)
In the competitive global marketplace, business organizations often need to team up and operate as a virtual enterprise to achieve common business goals. Since the business environment of a virtual enterprise is highly dynamic, it is necessary to develop a workflow technology that is capable of handling dynamic workflows across enterprise boundaries. This(More)
In recent years, there has been increasing interest in automated e-business negotiations. The automation of negotiation requires a decision model to capture the negotiation knowledge of policymakers and negotiation experts so that the decision-making process can be carried out automatically. Current research on automated e-business negotiations has focused(More)
This paper describes a scalable approach to the enabling of legacy scientific applications on computing grids using a service-oriented architecture. In the context of this paper grid-enabling means turning an existing application, installed on a grid resource, into a service and generating the application-specific user interfaces to use that application(More)
Identifying similar Web services is becoming increasingly important to ensure the success of dynamically integrated Web-service-based applications. We propose a categorization-based scheme to match equivalent Web services that can operate on heterogeneous domain ontologies. Given the upper ontology for services and domain ontologies, our service matching(More)
The Novo-G supercomputer's architecture can adapt to match each application/s unique needs and thereby attain more performance with less energy than conventional machines. Reconfigurable computing can provide solutions for domain scientists at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional servers or supercomputers. As we describe here, the Novo-G machine,(More)
Much effort is being made by the IT industry towards the establishment of a Web services infrastructure and the refinement of its component technologies to enable the sharing of heterogeneous application resources. Traditional roles of the service provider, service requestor and service broker and their interactions are now being improved upon to enable(More)