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Histidine analogues with alkyl substitution at Calpha and Cbeta were prepared as potential inhibitors of specific histidine decarboxylase. Activity was assessed in vitro using extracts of rat pyloric stomach and a radioisotopic assay of 14CO2 evolved from carboxyl-14C-labeled histidine. alpha-Substituted analogues (C2-C4) including 2-hydroxyethyl were less(More)
N-Ethyl-, N-(2-fluoroethyl)-, N-(2,2-difluoroethyl)-, and N-(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)-substituted normeperidine (1b-e) and normetazocine (2b-e) derivatives were prepared. The analgesic activities of the compounds were determined in mice. Opiate receptor binding studies, in the presence and absence of sodium ion, were carried out. The antagonist activities of(More)
Folate metabolism and requirements were studied in 10 adult nonpregnant women maintained for 92 d in a metabolic unit. After a folate depletion period of 28 d, the subjects received increasing supplements of folate from food items or as pteroylmonoglutamic acid (PGA). Plasma folate levels fell 60% during the depletion period and continued to fall until 200(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationships between cognitive function and iron status in dieting obese women. DESIGN Longitudinal weight loss study (repeated measures within-subject design) with 3 weeks of baseline, 15 weeks of 50% caloric restriction, and 3 weeks of weight stabilization. Dietary iron was fed at twice the US Recommended Dietary Allowance(More)
Studies of body-composition changes during weight loss have had conflicting results with regard to changes in bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD). We examined BMC and BMD for changes during weight loss. Fourteen women enrolled in a 15-wk weight loss program. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) measures of the total body were made at(More)
Ascorbic acid (AA) metabolism and requirements were studied in 11 adult nonpregnant women maintained in a metabolic unit and fed a formula diet devoid of AA for 54 d. After depletion for 24 d, the subjects received increasing supplements of AA in the presence or absence of 600 mg/d of erythorbic acid (EA). Various analytical procedures were used to measure(More)