Herman L Johnson

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Colorectal cancer (CRC) is often diagnosed at a late stage with concomitant poor prognosis. Early detection greatly improves prognosis; however, the invasive, unpleasant and inconvenient nature of current diagnostic procedures limits their applicability. No serum-based test is currently of sufficient sensitivity or specificity for widespread use. In the(More)
The relationship among maternal and observer ratings of infant temperament, observer ratings of maternal responsiveness, and maternal drug abuse habits, was studied in a population facing multiple risk factors. Intensity of maternal drug abuse was found to be negatively related to maternal ratings of infant temperament, and ratings of temperament were(More)
Methadone maintenance has been the treatment of choice for heroin addiction for several years. The prenatal and early neonatal effects have been described in several reports (Kandall et al. 1979; Finnegan 1983). However, there have been few reports on the long-term effects of methadone maintenance during pregnancy on the child's somatic and neurobehavioral(More)
Since 1977, we have been following the neurobehavioral development of two groups of children: a group born to women on methadone maintenance and a drug-free comparison group. This study used the data on the children evaluated at 36 months of age to determine whether distinct patterns of developmental outcome can be identified, and which medical, familial,(More)
Prenatal opiate exposure has been shown to alter the pattern of sex-dimorphic behavior in male and female rats. To conduct an exploratory study of opiate effects in humans, we compared the sex-dimorphic behavior of male and female offspring of women maintained on methadone during pregnancy to that of demographically matched control subjects. Standardized(More)
INFORMATION is available in time literature on the nutrient 1-equirements of normal ad!ults living at high altitudes. As a result, the National Research Council's Committee on Dietary Allowances (1) has not mad!e any recommendlations as to time calorie, water, and protein allowances for individuals living at higim terrestrial environments. If anything, the(More)
Knowledge about the effects of prenatal drug exposure on early development is reviewed within an ecological framework. The intersecting influences on maternal and child behavior in the early caregiving environment are considered, and similarities reported for drug-exposed children and other high-risk groups are noted. Data from a sample of 90 dyads are used(More)
This study explored the responses of sixth graders to a recently developed alcohol expectancy scale and a drinking attitude question. While factor analyses yielded the same "positive" and "negative" factors previously identified in scale construction, no significant gender differences were observed on scale items or factors. However, sixth grade males(More)
Thirty black clients from a community mental health center in the Los Angeles City were interviewed to determine whether black Clients prefer black therapists or therapists from other ethnic backgrounds, and the factors associated with their preferences. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses were employed. The results indicated that 60% of the(More)
As part of an ongoing longitudinal study of the developmental effects of prenatal methadone exposure, 41 children born to methadone-maintained mothers and 23 children from matched backgrounds but with negative maternal history of drug abuse were evaluated at six months of age. Each child received physical and neurological examinations and a battery of(More)