Herman J. Weinreb

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Two cases of cystic brainstem schwannomas protruding into the fourth ventricle are described. Both patients presented with hemifacial spasm. While there is only one previous case report of an intraventricular brainstem schwannoma, there has been no prior description in the literature of hemifacial spasm associated with such a tumor. The clinical,(More)
Nonepileptic seizures (NES) are common and are often diagnosed at epilepsy centers by video-EEG recording of both spontaneous and suggestion-induced episodes, but no study has evaluated provocative testing in a general seizure population. We studied consecutive patients with a tentative diagnosis of epilepsy using saline provocation during video-EEG(More)
The health maintenance of women with diverse disabilities and chronic disabling conditions has been neglected by medical professionals. Interest in their basic health promotion has been eclipsed by the narrowed focus on their underlying conditions. We surveyed preventive medical practices of 220 women with multiple sclerosis (MS). The objectives of this(More)
Multiple sclerosis (MS) has no significant effect on fertility, conception, fetal viability, and delivery. Exacerbations of MS decrease during pregnancy and increase significantly during the 3 months postpartum. Pregnancy does not increase the risk of brain tumors, but physiologic changes induced by pregnancy affect the diagnosis and biologic behavior of(More)
Colchicine was found to inhibit the clinical and histopathological manifestations of monophasic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in mice. For inhibition of actively induced disease, inoculation of colchicine at the time of encephalitogenic challenge was found to be most effective. In adoptive transfer experiments, lymph node cells (LNC) from(More)
Previous studies have suggested that estrogen may have an effect on cognitive and emotional function in women. Studies in rodents and non-human primates have demonstrated the presence of estrogen receptors in brain, and that estrogen can affect behavior in animals. Estrogen administration to ovariectomized rats increases choline acetyltransferase activity(More)
Physicians involved in cancer pain management treat thousands of patients with opioids, whose effective analgesia improves overall functioning. Side effects generally are tolerable, and treatment can be maintained with stable doses for long periods. Problems with addiction are infrequent. Many physicians, however, assume that opioids should be used only for(More)
Seven patients with AIDS-related cognitive and emotional deficits had neuropsychologic testing and then were treated with methylphenidate or dextroamphetamine in individualized doses. Three patients showed marked functional improvement and 5 of the 7 became more spontaneous, reactive, and animated. Additional neuropsychologic testing showed statistically(More)
We discuss four patients with the clinical diagnosis of basilar migraine and suspected coexisting epilepsy who were referred to our epilepsy center. Their symptoms suggested episodic dysfunction in the distribution of the basilar artery, followed by pulsating headache with nausea. Verbal unresponsiveness and sensory symptoms occurred in all four patients;(More)
This investigation reports pilot data on two points originally raised in the earliest reports of the efficacy of beta-blockers in akathisia: their potential utility in the akathisia of idiopathic Parkinson's disease and the possibility of determining a central vs. a peripheral site of action by comparing the time course of the effects of lipophilic and(More)