Herman Haggerty

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WEHI-231 is a murine B cell lymphoma that has been used extensively as a model for the immature stage B cell and its functional response to Ag receptor cross-linking as a model for immature B cell tolerance. This cell line expresses sIgM, CD5, and FcR gamma, but lacks the B cell-specific isoform of CD45 (B220). This study demonstrates for the first time(More)
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In order to gain a better understanding of the pathways linking receptor immunoglobulin (sIg) crosslinking to downstream B lymphocyte responses, mutants were generated that were defective in sIg-associated signaling pathways. The murine B lymphoma WEHI-231 has proven to be a useful model for studies of sIg-mediated signal transduction. Signaling through(More)
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