Herman H. Huang

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The steady state concentration of dopamine (DA), norepinephrine (NE), and serotonin (5HT) was determined and turnover estimated in several brain regions of young (3-4 months) and old (21 months) male Wistar rats. An estimate of DA and NE turnover was obtained by determining their depletion rates after treatment with alpha-methylpara-tyrosine, a tyrosine(More)
FOREWORD The FHWA's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research Program's overall goal is to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility. From better crosswalks, sidewalks and pedestrian technologies to growing educational and safety programs, the FHWA's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Research Program strives to pave the way for a more walkable future. At(More)
The ability of the pituitary to release LH in response to synthetic LHRH was tested in lactating female rats on days 7 and 17 post partum, and compared with that of normal cycling female rats on diestrous day 2 (controls). Three consecutive injections of LHRH (100 ng/100 g BW, sc), each 50 min apart, were given to each rat and sequential blood samples were(More)
The present study evaluated the ability of automated pedestrian detection capabilities to provide the means to detect the presence of pedestrians as they approach the curb prior to crossing the street, and then to use that information to 'call' the WALK signal without any action required on the part of the pedestrian. The automated detection of pedestrians(More)
Cycling was induced in old non-cyclic, constant estrous rats by daily injections of progesterone, ACTH or L-dopa or by subjection to ether stress. Progesterone and ACTH were the most effective agents used for re-establishing estrous cycles in these rats. Most of the progesterone- and ACTH-treated rats showed regular cycles, and their ovaries had many(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether any differences could be demonstrated in the ability of old versus young ovariectomized rats to release prolactin and LH in response to ovarian steroid administration. Female Long Evans rats 20-24 months of age and 4 months of age were ovariectomized. Fourteen days later, each rat was injected with(More)
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