Herman Geuvers

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In the FTA project in Nijmegen we have formalized a constructive proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. In the formalization, we have first defined the (constructive) algebraic hierarchy of groups, rings, fields, etcetera. For the reals we have then defined the notion of real number structure, which is basically a Cauchy complete Archimedean ordered(More)
We describe a construction of the real numbers carried out in the Coq proof assistant. The basis is a set of axioms for the constructive real numbers as used in the FTA (Fundamental Theorem of Algebra) project, carried out at Nijmegen University. The aim of this work is to show that these axioms can be satisfied, by constructing a model for them. Apart from(More)
We use the Recursive Path Ordering (RPO) technique of semantic labelling to show the Preservation of Strong Normalization (PSN) property for several calculi of explicit substitution. Preservation of Strong Normalization states that if a term M is strongly normalizing under ordinary-reduction (using`global' substitutions), then it is strongly normalizing if(More)
We describe a framework of algebraic structures in the proof assistant Coq. We have developed this framework as part of the FTA project in Nijmegen, in which a constructive proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra has been formalized in Coq. The algebraic hierarchy that is described here is both abstract and structured. Structures like groups and rings(More)