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In the FTA project in Nijmegen we have formalized a constructive proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. In the formal-ization, we have first defined the (constructive) algebraic hierarchy of groups, rings, fields, etcetera. For the reals we have then defined the notion of real number structure, which is basically a Cauchy complete Archimedean ordered(More)
Formal mathematics has so far not taken full advantage of ideas from collaborative tools such as wikis and distributed version control systems (DVCS). We argue that the field could profit from such tools, serving both newcomers and experts alike. We describe a preliminary system for such collaborative development based on the Git DVCS. We focus, initially,(More)
We use the Recursive Path Ordering (RPO) technique of semantic labelling to show the Preservation of Strong Normalization (PSN) property for several calculi of explicit substitution. Preservation of Strong Normalization states that if a term M is strongly normalizing under ordinary-reduction (using`global' substitutions), then it is strongly normalizing if(More)