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In the FTA project in Nijmegen we have formalized a constructive proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. In the formal-ization, we have first defined the (constructive) algebraic hierarchy of groups, rings, fields, etcetera. For the reals we have then defined the notion of real number structure, which is basically a Cauchy complete Archimedean ordered(More)
This thesis contains an investigation of Coquand's Calculus of Constructions, a basic impredicative Type Theory. We review syntactic properties of the calculus, in particular decidability of equality and type-checking, based on the equality-as-judgement presentation. We present a set-theoretic notion of model, CC-structures, and use this to give a new(More)
In this paper we present the algebraic-cube, an extension of Barendregt's-cube with rst-and higher-order algebraic rewriting. We show that strong normalization is a modular property of all systems in the algebraic-cube, provided that the rst-order rewrite rules are non-duplicating and the higher-order rules satisfy the general schema of Jouannaud and Okada.(More)