Herman F. Van der Bank

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We report on parapatric speciation in the mormyrid fish, Pollimyrus castelnaui (Boulenger, 1911), from the Okavango and the Upper Zambezi River systems. We recognise samples from the Zambezi River as a distinct species, P. marianne, displaying an eastern phenotype of electric organ discharge (EOD) waveform (Type 3) that is distinct from the western EOD(More)
The two common southern African mice species (Mastomys coucha and M. natalensis) are morphologically almost identical, making "eld identi"cation impossible at present. Specimens from two localities were collected and tissue and blood samples taken. The habitat type of each locality was studied, and a distribution map compiled. A de"nite correlation between(More)
Phylogenetic relationships between Encephalartos altensteinii Lehmann, E. arenarius R.A. Dyer, E. horridus (Jacquin) Lehmann, E. latifrons Lehmann, E. lehmannii Lehmann, E. longifolius (Jacquin) Lehmann, E. princeps R.A. Dyer and E. trispinosus (Hooker) R.A. Dyer were studied, using E. ferox Bertoloni f. as outgroup. Three continuous and one discontinuous(More)
Allozyme electrophoresis (horizontal starch gel and PAGE) and histochemical staining techniques were used to study the genetic composition of an endemic southern African domestic dogCanis familiaris Linnaeus, 1758, the Africanis breed. Genetic differentiation was analysed at 21 protein-coding loci. The results were compared to those for three other(More)
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