Herman Deconinck

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Adapted hybrid prismatic-tetrahedral grid about a hemisphere. (b) Surface Mach contours on the symmetry plane for supersonic laminar ow (M 1 = 1:4, Re = 1000) 128]. 37 Figure 8. Comparison of various discretization methods for the circular advection problem 13]. (a) Grid used for the two-dimensional advection equation. (b) Piecewise-constant nite-volume(More)
Parallel computing is indisputably present in the future of high performance computing. For distributed memory systems, MPI is widely accepted as a de facto standard. However, I/O is often neglected when considering parallel performance. In this article, a number of I/O strategies for distributed memory systems will be examined. These will be evaluated in(More)
Five model flows of increasing complexity belonging to the class of stationary two-dimensional planar field-aligned magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flows are presented which are well suited to the quantitative evaluation of MHD codes. The physical properties of these five flows are investigated using characteristic theory. Grid convergence criteria for flows(More)
We present 2D numerical simulations of a planar field-aligned ideal Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) bow shock flow in a regime where fast MHD switch-on shocks are possible. In this regime, the interaction of the 3 non-linear waves of the non-strictly hyperbolic MHD system leads to a complicated solution with interacting shocks of different MHD shock type. Fast(More)