Herman Cornelis

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Cellulose fibers were isolated from sugarcane bagasse in three stages. Initially sugarcane bagasse was subjected to a pre-treatment process with hydrolyzed acid to eliminate hemicellulose. Whole cellulosic fibers thus obtained were then subjected to a two-stage delignification process and finally to a bleaching process. The chemical structure of the(More)
In an effort to assess the efficacy of the oral glucose tolerance test to detect patients with gestational diabetes mellitus who require therapeutic measures to maintain normoglycemia, we compared the results of an oral glucose tolerance test with those of a home glucose profile consisting of three postprandial glucose values in 250 pregnant women. The OGTT(More)
Surface changes on rabbit cornea were studied by scanning electronmicroscopy after instillation of commercial corticosteroid and antibiotic collyria extensively used in ophthalmic practice. All the collyria caused loss of surface microvilli and cell damage. The collyrium containing dexamethasone, neomycin, and benzalkonium chloride caused less damage than(More)
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