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Amending poultry litter (PL) with aluminum sulfate (alum) has proven to be effective in reducing water-soluble phosphorus (P) in the litter and in runoff from fields that have received PL applications; it has therefore been suggested as a best management practice. Although its effectiveness has been demonstrated on a macroscopic scale in the field, little(More)
Reciprocal space measurements of spin diffusion in a single crystal of calcium fluoride (CaF2) have been extended to dipolar ordered states. The experimental results for the component of the spin diffusion rate parallel to the external field are D(parallel)(D)=29+/-3x10(-12) cm(2)/s for the [001] direction and D(parallel)(D)=33+/-4x10(-12) cm(2)/s for the(More)
We present improved line-narrowing sequences for dipolar coupled spin systems, based on a train of magic-echoes which are compensated for the effects of finite pulse widths and utilize symmetry properties of supercycles. Sequences are introduced for spectroscopy and imaging by proper choice of a phase alternating scheme. Using a 16 pulse time-suspension(More)
We report superconducting phase-periodic conductance oscillations in ferromagnetic wires with interfaces to conventional superconductors. The ferromagnetic wires were made of Ho, a conical ferromagnet. The distance between the interfaces was much larger than the singlet superconducting penetration depth. We explain the observed oscillations as due to the(More)
Evidence for nine new solution state silicate oligomers has been discovered by (29)Si NMR homonuclear correlation experiments of (29)Si-enriched samples. In addition to enhancing signal sensitivity, the isotopic enrichment increases the probability of the (29)Si-(29)Si two-bond scalar couplings that are necessary for the observation of internuclear(More)
Four new cyclic 1,5-diaza-3,7-diphosphacyclooctane ligands have been prepared and used to synthesize [Ni(P(Ph)(2)N(R)(2))(2)](2+) complexes in which R is a mono- or dipeptide. These complexes represent a first step in the development of an outer-coordination sphere for this class of complexes that can mimic the outer-coordination sphere of the active sites(More)
The highly toxic anticoagulant rodenticide brodifacoum is an organic compound that has two diastereomeric forms. In this paper, we consider the hypothesis that the relative population of the diastereomers is a characteristic of forensic value for the association or source attribution of specimens of brodifacoum. In general, the stereoisomer distribution in(More)
A combined theoretical and solid-state (17)O nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) study of the electronic structure of the uranyl ion UO(2)(2+) in (NH(4))(4)UO(2)(CO(3))(3) and rutherfordine (UO(2)CO(3)) is presented, the former representing a system with a hydrogen-bonding environment around the uranyl oxygens and the latter exemplifying a uranyl environment(More)
BACKGROUND The testing of theoretical models with experimental data is an integral part of the scientific method, and a logical place to search for new ways of stimulating scientific productivity. Often experiment/theory comparisons may be viewed as a workflow comprised of well-defined, rote operations distributed over several distinct computers, as(More)