Herman Bartling

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PURPOSE To develop and evaluate a simple and rapid algorithm for optic disc measurements on digital fundus photographs, relying on the macula-disc centre distance as a reference when converting length expressed in pixels to metric distance. METHODS Measurements were performed on fundus photographs from 68 normal subjects, acquired using five different(More)
PURPOSE Retinal images acquired by means of digital photography are often used for evaluation and documentation of the ocular fundus, especially in patients with diabetes, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration. The clinical usefulness of an image is highly dependent on its quality. We set out to develop and evaluate an automatic method of evaluating(More)
Es wird eine Weiterentwicklung des von GROSSKII~SK¥ und STgrRMEl~ (1952) beschriebenen Verfahrens zur Volumenbestimmung yon Rattenpfoten demonstriert. Die verbesserte Methode ist speziell fiir Reihenmessungen geeignet und erlaubt durch vereinfachte Vorbereitung der leicht narkotisierten Rat ten (0,8 g/kg Urethan) sowie durch selbstt~tiges Nachffillen der(More)
The authors describe a special numeral system called the WL24-system, based on measuring technique and biometric-pharmacological laws such as the Weber-Fechner law and biological scatter. This system consists of selected decimal geometric series. The WL24-system has been designed to facilitate pharmacological work on a rational and economical basis. Some(More)
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