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As safety critical systems increase in size and complexity, the need for efficient tools to verify their reliability grows. In this paper we present a tool that helps engineers design safe and reliable systems. Systems are reliable if they keep operating safely when components fail. Our tool is at the core of the Scade Design Verifier integrated within(More)
We present the simulation system for plan-driven troops developed at Traditionally, military leadership training have consisted of operations involving much personnel. This is expensive and therefore simulation is needed. We would like the units in military leadership training to be computer controlled. To provide such units we use agent-based simulation.(More)
Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) are heavily used as controlling units in applications such as process control, automized production and traac supervision. Older techniques for logic control, logic blocks and relay schemes, are succesively being replaced by PLCs in many types of industries. Also safety critical industries, such as the nuclear industry,(More)
  • H Agren
  • 1975
Traditional medicine in China has as yet been unsatisfactorily analyzed from the point of view of the history of ideas. It has come to be viewed as a monolithic system of therapy, and overlooked has been the fact that as time passed various originally different traditions and concepts were made to fit into all-embracing systems, intimately connected with a(More)
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