Heribert Schlebbe

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Software Process Technology recently evolved to automate software process management by providing specialized languages and environments to control the human performance in software development activities. This paper presents APSEE as an executable visual language for software process modeling. The meta-model was specified using graph-grammars, which(More)
Process-Centered Software Engineering Environments (PSEEs) deal with activities that demand specialized personnel and limited resources. Characteristics about required resources and people (and their dynamic availability) are used by software process instantiation phase to define process allocation strategies. However, most of existing PSEEs do not allow(More)
The Aspect-Oriented (AO) paradigm is a recent trend to assist the development of high complexity software, proposing specific language level constructs to separate different concerns of software. This paper investigates the adoption of AO concepts to assist the design of high-level management policies in software process models. Process Policies are(More)
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