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The beta, gamma-crystallins form a class of homologous proteins in the eye lens. Each gamma-crystallin comprises four topologically equivalent, Greek key motifs; pairs of motifs are organized around a local dyad to give domains and two similar domains are in turn related by a further local dyad. Sequence comparisons and model building predicted that(More)
A novel method is presented for determining the group index, intensity enhancement and delay times for waveguide gratings, based on (Rayleigh) scattering observations. This far-field scattering microscopy (FScM) method is compared with the phase shift method and a method that uses the transmission spectrum to quantify the slow wave properties. We find a(More)
X-ray analyses have defined the three-dimensional structures of crystals of mouse and human renins complexed with peptide inhibitors at resolutions of 1.9 and 2.8 A, respectively. The exquisite specificity of renin arises partly from ordered loop regions at the periphery of the binding cleft. Although the pattern of main-chain hydrogen bonding in other(More)
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